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2011-05-30A Border Win For ArizonaHnatiuk; US Supreme Court has upheld the state law requiring businesses to verify immigration status of employees
2011-05-12Terror on the BorderSafer than ever, Mr. Obama? Jeanne Melendez
2011-05-10Arizona Appeals to Supreme Court on Immigration Law RulingHnatiuk
2011-05-07San Francisco to Stop Detaining Arrested Immigrants for DeportationHnatiuk
2011-05-05DRUG CARTELS TAKING OVER GOVERNMENT ROLES IN PARTS OF MEXICOThese cartels have a significant presence in over 200,000 U.S. cities. Jeanne Melendez
2011-05-04Terrorist Group Setting Up Operation Near BorderMelendez
2011-05-02Mapping Human Smuggling Routes to the USJ Melendez
2011-04-18Georgia bill tough on illegal immigrantsHnatiuk
2011-04-14Illegal Immigrant Fatally Shot, Another Wounded in ArizonaHnatiuk/ Spill over muders in AZ
2011-04-11Mexican Cartels Migrate to USAJeanne Melendez
2011-04-03Federal Agents Told to Reduce Border ArrestsHnatiuk under orders to keep apprehension numbers down during specific reporting time periods.
2011-03-31Border Patrol Agent Opens Up About Vicious AttackThis is a little more serious than throwing rocks. Jeanne Melendez
2011-03-31Cartels threaten to kill Texas Rangers, ICE agentsGod bless those who serve. Jeanne Melendez
2011-03-17Arrest Stats for "special interest aliens" Obtained by Citizens GroupThanks, Hoot. Jeanne Melendez
2011-03-12violent attack on a Texas rancherHnatiuk from Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association
2011-03-11Controversial Texas Government Website Will Stay Up, Amid ObjectionsHnatiuk Wake up Texas
2011-03-11Outrage! US Government Funding La Raza with Your Tax DollarsJeanne Melendez
2011-03-08Report: Zetas Reach Truce With 3 Other CartelsTruce until the Sinaloa is removed from the area and then what?Jeanne Melendez
2011-03-04Border Agent Terry forced to Use Beanbags Agaist Armed Mexican KillersRidiculous! Jeanne Melendez
2011-03-04Latino Tea Party Leader Rips Conyers for Racial PoliticsGood work, George. Jeanne Melendez
2011-03-04House Subcommittee Discusses Impact of Immigration on MinoritiesJeanne Melendez
2011-03-03In Texas, The Immigration Issue Above All Others Affects The Survival Of Our Country And StateJeanne Melendez
2011-03-02Police: Arizona Beheading Incident Tied to Mexican Drug CartelHnatiuk
2011-02-26Pres. Obama Dares Use $7 Million In Fines As 'Getting Tough On Illegal-Alien-Hiring Businesses?' (nickels & dimes)Jeanne Melendez
2011-02-26US raids net nearly 700 linked to Mexican cartelsHnatiuk
2011-02-26Illegal Immigration Enters the Health-Care DebateHnatiuk
2011-02-19Less Than Half of Southwest Border Secure, Government Report SaysHnatiuk 'only 129 miles are under "full control" '
2011-02-17illegal immigrants back on the streets after handing them over to federal immigration officials.Hnatiuk "Home Land Securtiy turn them lose"
2011-02-15ICE IDENTIFICATION OF CRIMINAL ALIENS IN FEDERAL AND STATE CUSTODY ELIGIBLE FOR REMOVALInteresting that AZ is not part of the sample and that the ones they miss are Level 1--most egregious. Jeanne M
2011-02-151 US Immigration Agent Dead, 1 Injured In MexicoHnatiuk_by The Associated Press
2011-02-14Case Details South Texas Smuggling Network, Possible Zeta Plot to Attack DeputiesTBV's area of operations. Gibson
2011-02-14THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD--THE ENEMY IN ITS OWN WORDSThis ideology must not be protected by our First Amendment. We must be reminded that there can be no freedom of any kind under such. Jeanne Melendez
2011-02-13Pentagon Fingered as Source of Narco FirepowerGibson
2011-02-13Cartels could be using IEDs to set up Law EnforcementGibson
2011-02-12Doctor Jailed for Plotting to Surgically Alter Immigrant's FingerprintsHnatiuk
2011-02-12Illegal Immigrant Charged With First-Degree Murder in VirginiaHnatiuk
2011-02-12 a sample of activity in South Texas.. Jeanne M
2011-02-10Arizona Rancher Will Fight Court Order To Pay Damages to Undocumented ImmigrantsHnatiuk
2011-02-10NAPOLITANO ADMITS THAT AL QUAEDA-ZETAS PARTNERSHIP IS A CONCERNAnd the answer is funding more committees and task forces? Jeanne Melendez
2011-02-07It Was Better to Just Shoot ThemGibson
2011-02-07More Voters Still Think Federal Government Encourages Illegal ImMelendez
2011-02-06Surge of immigrants from India baffles border officials in TexasGibson
2011-02-04Appeals court upholds verdict against Arizona rancherGibson
2011-02-04Congressman Wants Arizona Immigration Law to Go NationalHnatiuk
2011-02-01Napolitano to cartels: 'Don't even think about bringing your violence ... across this border'Hnatiuk
2010-10-29After the Great Recession: Foreign Born Gain Jobs; Native Born Lose JobsJeanne Melendez
2010-10-22SPECIAL REPORT: Big-Business, Open-Borders Coalition Reveals Strategy at Private Washington Meeting, by Jim Robb
2010-10-20Mexican Cartels Purchasing Grenades for $6.50Gibson
2010-10-16Time for U.S. to get serious about cartel threat
2010-10-13National Guard Assists Agents in Apprehending Illegal Aliens
2010-10-13Can the US Conduct Cross-Border Raids Against Cartels?
2010-10-13Mexican investigator in Falcon Lake case beheaded, officials say
2010-10-08Troopers arrest 8 illegal immigrants near Gonzales
2010-10-05Two Zetas executed in Brownsville, Texas
2010-09-30Wife Says Man Killed On Falcon Lake
2010-09-20Illegal Migration Documentary: Southern Exposure
2010-09-18Napolitano rejects Texas call for troops
2010-09-11Mexican Gunmen Fire at Border Patrol Agents
2010-09-11Retaliation is reason for surge in Juárez slayings, officials say
2010-08-20Facing Budget Shortfall, Texas Spends $250M on Illegal Immigrant Care
2010-08-15Tea Partiers Rally on Arizona Border With Mexico
2010-08-09Lack of Resources Curtails ICE Tracking of Illegals
2010-08-04ICE's Mission Melt: Agents Vote 'No Confidence' in Leadership
2010-07-30Looming threat from illegals: terror
2010-07-29USCIS Memo Details Obama Administration Plan for Executive Action Amnesty
2010-07-28The truth from Apache, Arizona from a friend and neighbor of Krentz
2010-07-28Are illegals infiltrating U.S. military bases?
2010-07-27Legislators facing battle over immigration
2010-07-21Hispanic GOP Group to Announce Support for Arizona Immigration Law
2010-07-20DC Declares War On States (Contains MUCH good background information)
2010-07-15Hezbollah at the Border
2010-07-06Illegal Immigration Costs U.S. $113 Billion a Year, Study Finds
2010-07-02Drug cartels threaten to kill a U.S. Border Patrol agent over Independence Day weekend
2010-07-01Congressman Lamar Smith, Texas, Links Secure Borders to National Security
2010-06-30U.S. banks' role in Mexican drug trade
2010-06-29Banks Financing Mexico Gangs Admitted in Wells Fargo Deal
2010-06-24Gulf Cartel Against Los Zetas in Reynosa
2010-06-22Terrorists Join the Traffic Across the Mexican Border
2010-06-21Terrorists crossing AZ border into U.S.?
2010-06-18Illegal Immigrants are Career Criminals
2010-06-17War on the Southern Border; a practical, operational plan to secure the borders
2010-06-15The Democrats Versus the Constitution: the Disclose Act
2010-06-15Illegal Immigrants are Career Criminals
2010-06-11Los Angeles teachers take students on trip to Arizona to protest immigration law
2010-06-11Arizona Data Unclear Whether Arizona Law Driving Illegal Immigrants Out of State
2010-06-11Arizona's Next Immigration Target: Children of Illegals
2010-06-10US lawmakers start attacking 'birth tourists'
2010-06-06Janet Napolitano offers to help put stop to illegal border crossings — in Saudi Arabia
2010-06-06Illegal aliens murder 12 Americans daily
2010-06-05Border Patrol agents shoot and injure two suspected illegal immigrants
2010-06-03Pearce: 'Born in the U.S.A.' not enough
2010-06-03Rep. Rohrabacher flies to Catalina Island, slams Mexican consulate for aiding illegal immigrants
2010-06-03Mexico opens California office to provide ID for illegals
2010-06-03The Original list of Sanctuary Cities, USA, Ohio Jobs & Justice PAC Posted
2010-06-03Sanctuary Cities and States Illegal Immigrant Information Resource Posted
2010-06-02Pierce County Council vote urges tougher border policing
2010-06-02Pessimism on war but support for U.S. military high and steady; 67% now favor troops on Mexican border
2010-06-02Mexico Criticizes America Yet They Already Have Arizona's SB 1070!
2010-06-02On a California ranch, signs of a slowdown in illegal immigration
2010-06-02The “Enhanced” Texas Tenth Amendment Resolution–written by TEXANS for all TEXANS!
2010-06-00A State Transformed: Immigration and the New California
2010-05-31You'd be grouchy, too, if you were Mexico's president, by John Bell, SATP
2010-05-31Detained Immigrants May Help Bring in Census Money
2010-05-30Texas is fourth in U.S. in number of unresolved immigration cases
2010-05-28 Radio station's giveaway angers immigrant groupsMelendez
2010-05-27Memorial service held for Border Patrol agent
2010-05-27Mass. Senate passes crackdown on illegal immigrants
2010-05-27Obama on Arizona: Presidents don't do boycotts
2010-05-26Texas border lawmakers respond to White House border plan
2010-05-26Terror alert for Mexican border concerning Somali terrorists
2010-05-25Column: Mexico gives nothing, takes much
2010-05-22Drug war or drug deal?
2010-05-21Terrorist Threat On Border With MexicoGibson
2010-05-19California LAW Section 834b is even more strict than Arizona. Hello????Melendez
2010-05-14Open Season on Border ResidentsMelendez
2010-05-05Nahuacallideclares its rights to the Western Hemisphere Note: CISreports that the Nahuacalli group organized the Arizona rebellion.Melendez
2010-04-29A Stranger in Our Midst
2010-04-28Michell Malkin column on Mexico's immigration policyMelendez
2010-04-27A Brief History of Immigration by Frances Symes (
2010-04-27Politicians rally to stop handouts to Illegals Boston Herald
2010-04-27Perspective on the AZ law by Cal ThomasMelendez
2010-04-26Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers of America stridently opposed illegal immigration!
2010-03-23Drug cartels raise the stakes on human smuggling
2008-08-14Border Patrol Agents Legal Defense and Relief Fund
0000-00-00JCCC works to unravel travel snag for Latino student group. Insanity in action
0000-00-00U.S. not cracking down on immigrants with expired visas
0000-00-00Really offensive protest sign may be a photo-shopped hoax
0000-00-00People Other Than Mexicans, Including From Terrorist Nations Captured In The Last Two Years (Part 1)
0000-00-00People Other Than Mexicans, Including From Terrorist Nations Captured In The Last Two Years (Part 2)
0000-00-00Jan Brewer, the governor of Arizona, responds to calls for sports boycotts of her state
0000-00-00ICE Chauffeurs Illegals to Work, Instead They Need a Ride "Home"
0000-00-00Border operational control
0000-00-00Immigration Lesson for Numskulls - Ted Nugent
0000-00-00Memorial for victims of illegal aliens.
0000-00-00Arizona State Senator Sylvia Allen responds to SB1070
0000-00-00Border disorder: Mexico: the real war next door
0000-00-00FAIR's summary of REPAIR the Reid-Schumer_Menendez Amnesty Proposal.
0000-00-00The solution to Arizona's immigration law lies in Democrats' hands
0000-00-00Center for Immigration Studies on the New Arizona Immigration Law, SB1070
0000-00-00Statement by Gov. Rick Perry on Immigration and Border Security
0000-00-00Politicians Lend Support to Arizona Immigration Law
0000-00-00Utah Rep starting to draft illegal immigration legislation similar to AZ 1070!
0000-00-00Is Arizona's Immigration Law Constitutional--Houston attorney Jeff Matthews says "YES"!